Saturday, August 22, 2020

dewdrop trellis

with each night of dreaming
the necessary processes 
draw nearer to their conclusions
everything is almost-solved

in this second world
tasks are delegated equally
no one man gets all the credit  
on the seventh day, we redistribute rest

a black flower with a pulsing rainbow periphery
8 variations on one woman 
the elegant design 
of our specific functions

consider what the point might be
of indoctrinating children with magic
through media and schooling 
then abruptly cutting them off at a certain age 

if magic is what makes us human
and consciously or otherwise, we all want to go back
perhaps the longing of separation is only installed
to motivate productivity and reproduction

to make us capable of persuasion at all
either way, I dare you 
to live each and every minute
like whiskers on kittens