Monday, November 25, 2019

look within beauty and power




getting my birth chart read left me torn
somewhere between accepting a job offer
and evaporating into air

daydream a metaphor for my chart
a sparkly party
big watery eyes
red lighting tinkly glasses
but also a babushka
sweeping up
between the guests 
smoothing the bedsheets
making hospital corners then
crying in front of everyone?
it's a stretch

play guitar all afternoon at home
the sun aligns with the tree so fast
filtering through fall leaves
firey orange filling the living room
my sun may be in cancer but it's in tree right now
go outside before it sets
walk through the cemetery gates
mysterious curvature of the cemetery
a surreal bubble
surrounded by city yet floating above
runners and gravestones silhouetted against the orange sky
I walk fast out of the gates before nightfall
flash of what F said about feeling eyes
looking out of the mausoleums' tiny windows