Thursday, December 5, 2019

listen mama, listen papa

  wake up three
times in the night
     the handshake
yeah I mean 
  it's not about you
  why do I ask men
to give me the answers
why do I need so
much help
    what do your
parents do?
 race traitor
class traitor
    the beautiful
possibilities, don't turn
your back on
  past revolutions
go whole hog because
   there is nothing
 to lose but your chains
   my mind is a buzz
read the packet
   three times
  cap cancer cap cancer
why astrology?
  humans need
systems even when they say
they reject religion
  Sotheby's Christie's
Agatha Auction
   house read Wikipedia article
about the Iranian
revolution at 2:32 am
   dream we
had a party
at the restaurant
   at night but it
 was decorated
like a chintzy
   Miami hotel, seashell
pink curved white furniture
   and he brought so much
  coke to the party
and the security
   cameras the next day
I had to beg
    the bosses
 not to fire him
please, papa
  please, mama
and the boss
commented on
  how his coke
looked shitty
  then I got on the subway
which was more like
   the fairground ride
with individual swings
hanging from
 long chains
you had to catch one
   from the cement edge
  of the platform
and slide onto it
 legs dangling over
a dark abyss
  oh to
get out