Monday, April 23, 2012


when i said i was thinking about that night
i really meant i was feeling about that night
feeling how it was a boat on that bed
after kissing in the crow’s nest
and spitting up seawater overboard
flat on our backs and filled with salt
spouting drunk as bottlenosed dolphins
how now i can’t stop feeling about water     
and you??? you’re water and gold

i’m rereading omens and rewriting omens
did you get dressed up for a Sleaze Ball in
your parallel place? did you fall in love
with everyone older bigger bolder and on
mdma am i dreaming dreamed dreamed
i met your padre who kissed my burnt hand
i thought it was you grown old and i worried
and squirmed but i had fallen asleep feeling

your gold is 
so good

to be a girl is

this important?

do you know how it is walking by the road where
the cars pass you being swallowed by ivy around
your ankles being small dying to yowl a something
that makes the most sense to sing imagining more
mystery than there is under the bridge at the river
imagining more mystery or is it just enough with a  
beautiful beer can winking at you on the river bank
and a young hispanic couple getting their exercise
together in the distance no one can see you now
singing to yourself and being small with river sand
soberly under your sneakers empty handed