Friday, June 7, 2013

real and me and me and real and 
real and you and you and me

the big picture and the little picture

rubber dick insulin needle piece of 
glass cd-rom in the square back yard 
square like being on the set of a movie 
i’ve been watching my whole life

Girl in heels and awkward purse 
I wouldn’t notice that your feet were red if mine weren’t too
summer in the city everyone yells and has a gun
doN't give a Fuck da ffucK
I should’ve washed the dirt outline of my back yard sandals off

clear dolphin lungs hot and breeze
ash fleck and dirt
cat shit heat
overgrown and corrugatesteel
bug’s world up close
Dial soap smells like my aunt Moniqiuia’s house
hot slippy pink tiles
Clean towels in the cool closet
smells and heat used to be vacation
now they're my life &they confuse me

cable and unripe nectarine
with sugar and cream
that was my thing
granulated sugar cream and cable
till my head was pounding

i don’t come from heat cold
or thunder or snow i come from
tepid tepid that’s why
    it’s all a dream to me