Monday, January 13, 2014


All of the building’s exteriors at high school
had white plaster reliefs of the 
Greek gods and goddesses

some standing two stories tall 
or flying outstretched above windows

This represents knowledge, 
this represents athleticism. 
Over that archway is science. 

The Greeks looking down on fist fights 
and all the different models of sneaker

the white styrofoam takeout containers
gulls swarmed the courtyard at lunch

I was looking at pictures of Shaker houses 
in National Geographic, obsessing over 
the sparse dark feeling of those halls

Hands to work and hearts to God 

Jane always had something 
she would offer me. Tamarind 
seed pods, witchy dense green 
pistachio candy

She was greasy lady luck

We would leave through the back 
of the H building and go to the park 
called Ohlone

Once when we left
she found both a packet of gum 
and a packet of sleeping pills 
on the sidewalk 

I need these. I keep finding exactly what I need 

She wanted the gum but 
needed to use the pills on 
someone else