Sunday, January 31, 2016


kids on their way to school picking oranges
cute, but there’s something noir about it, something blue
some of them have plastic bags on their hands
like you use for poop, so I keep my distance…
some of them have enormous backpacks, really
really big ones for their new lifetime supplies

what will their mothers do with their supplies?
how many bowls might they sacrifice? like the orange
bowl that holds the beans right now, or the really
tiny bowl for the tacks painted in a serious black and blue
perhaps the oranges might get spread out with distance
around the house so everyone can always get their hands

on one regardless of which room "wash your hands!"
say the mothers when it comes to eating orange supplies
the kids with their backpacks with their secrets get distant
they get territorial they say “mom you didn’t pick these oranges”  
the mothers might roll their eyes and walk outside into the blue
afternoon, golden, beautiful, it’s California is what it is, really

truly beautiful with birds chirping at a marbled sky, really
feels like a vacation all the time, with rings on their hands
little stones glistening in the syrupy sun some bright rocky blue
walking around the dirt yard they step over piles of earthquake supplies
such as water, crunchies, lemons, greens, pop ups and orange
jars of peaches with such light fair one could travel a great distance

from where the wood has piled up to the fruit trees is a distance
vast as a state of mind with distant sharp metallic noises and really
bright sun showers- ditching the day with a pour of violette orange
back in the dirt yard the neighbors drop by to dig holes with their hands
cute tool sets with ant farms and knives they all come well supplied
a plastic bag with more plastic bags inside and one is light blue

they all know that post orange is blue
almost black, a night with a long, serious distance
til day til each kid will be sunned fed and supplied
with all the proper vitamins like B K FISH S N and really
quickly they zip up their packs and slide into plastic their hands
leaving a trail of zest behind them as the scan the ground for fallen oranges