Wednesday, April 20, 2016

love on the page

which omen is it 2

which omen is it
when I’m the last person in line at the open casket

apple 1

a shameless stroll
in some bright white sneaks
a shameless stroll
around my heart
love on the page could look like
a still life
an array
a still bleeding napkin
an apple core

an expensive specialty apple
heavy and waxed
from last year

my newly bad skin
reflected in my coffee
something about fragile love

which omen is it


I’m fine to die but
I didn’t want to die just then

I’m ok to die right now but
I might not want to die later

a chemical imbalance
bound to rattle an organ

organs spread out like pate
and outside I’m always wearing 
a bike helmet

it = the belt

a dirty “belt” swaying from the back of  a truck
decorated with pro trump dust tags
thinking it could be a good edition to my wardrobe

the traffic lights go all night right
in bed there are empty streets
and I dream a more fucked up version
of a pink belt that I already have
thick and dirty with extra buckles


poetry = the greatest hits of lit
like charms without their chain

Mary 1

it’s April
it’s hot AF
southern California smells like
hot rosemary
rediscovering bicycles and
feeling like "anarchists"

Mary 2

a poet should know that
not every situation calls for poetry
they need not insert
into every situation

“ideas” these days ought to be
ask yourself
“does here need an idea?”

poetry may always be extracted from but
not always injected into
a situation, moment, etc

make a checklist


the business model for intimacy

a trendy idea that we would like
to be greeted and
treated like friends

“hi welcome to CVS”

hi but then I gotta use a robot?
something is missing
how does this work


people have such a hard time
it breaks my heart
he has the handicap plates,
a 30 rack
and I want to cry
I hope he is loved