Monday, February 12, 2018

2 pets (before and after)

Do 2 Much

when Friday night feels like an iron gate

I went to chant in echo park

it was
like a festival
the clapping, clean sweats and

forgiveness in an envelope
the receiver closes his eyes with
do I know him? A dad
I know because his baby cries
and coughs

my pee is stripped by the fluorescents
in the airplane bathroom

I think it's cool and interesting
and feel two dull versions of good

I forgot a raincoat
a two-ply raincoat with snaps in between
the layers so you can attach various
patches and fabric swatches

if only

prayers were solid ground

She Came Back With Lots of Rings (Like Frida)

it rained only once and
I've developed a combination of

the bunk bed caught no dreams
just drunk

one person can be a huge window

so dreams will fall back

for those reality-breaking

for the waking week of silk
with frayed ends