Wednesday, February 19, 2020

find out

waiting by the train station
in the dark car like a private eye
two tall buildings in my view
on one building’s LED screen the time ticks by
- - - - -7:57 pm - - - - - - - - - 7:58 pm - - - -
the other building spells out L O V E
then shows flashing concentric hearts
I feel the way months flatten
not that serious at all

I keep thinking about the
corny prescription from JJ
love is a revolution
an initiation
the only thing worth decorating
yourself and the world with
love needs action
it starves on words alone

Auntie calls flustered about Mom
but expresses zero opinion
I’m missing information
gaps in my ability to understand
loyalty, denial, protection
or is it just love?
is it just family?
I’m so far away
the outsider

Mom says
Do NOT call my family 
acting like a teenager
going home to her mom
locking herself in the bathroom
yelling till she is horse

Auntie says
You’re welcome!!Spoke with my 
mom this morning and she was calm 
and collected.  She baked a cake and 
was wondering through the garden. 
Mom said she was really angry and 
upset last night. Mom just listen 
and let her vent.

My mom? Your mom?
My family? Your family?
Mom Mom Mom Mom
baking a cake
wondering through the garden