Wednesday, October 23, 2013

all the boys’ dark rooms
I’ve been in love with
I’m sleeping on those 
like smoke
lay in thick layers

catty corner kitchen
low bed on faux
fake cobblestone
red wax and red wine
faux French fun
one born deleuze
learning me things
with the speakers
up so so loud and
the Florida water
on his coffee cream
dark dark curl
    That’s natural

me and my sister
remember remember
there are so many dark boys
and their rooms that we love
to be in 
   so like 

the albino eyelashes
all hologram green
and basketball orange
bathed in translucence
he’s sleeping I’m seeing
sugar-cane stalks
so soft and light
one giant hundo
the rug made of money
the leaves outside
make him wish it existed
    butter and pink