Monday, November 27, 2017

Circus Around Us

if a pastel drawing could be tall 
it'd be Santa Cruz- tall like thick
on the paper but soft and just
tall enough to fit me and
Livy- the body temp 
bliss envelopes
the circus around us
stays, we cruise 

through the landscape 
I think the west coast
looks imagined

and she says it's the garden
of earthly delights 

lol, clothes, bacon, 
tea and silver

these sharp jokes
for us alone
spill a 
that ends
at our fingers

drag in the sand
darken our eyebrows

it's a playground

I buy the things
that the people here
wear so that maybe
I'll have to stay?

remember the long days
of being babies
and those poems- 
when I pass the flat 
and easy street corners
spider webs on wet, pink paper

now down the long
california road
I wish to make this
as dense as that tall
drawing, as sweet
and marzipan as
that much pastel

it's almost midnight
and I need to touch on 
the ceramic purse-
speech bubbling on the beach
there's no perfect bag
so risky and chic 
and I see a free box 
with nothing in it
we laugh about
bringing one on the plane

so far I've just touched it

and our fingers are full

we fall on the sand

our ovaries burn

you touch all your socks

in the bird feather sand

plain, painted, people who
watch us hold hands
in circles around us the