Monday, October 8, 2018

all leaves/more midnight

nomad in my own house
what's storage
what's cute
what's about to crack in half?
she said she was living 
on borrowed time 
in her old house
on the faultline --
our house has its own fault lines

I’ve taken to grooming to doing 
something daily
if only the floor was clean and
didn’t make its own 

but I’m not scared anymore 
of the dirt or of the death
beyond it

and I can’t shake the sound 
of crashing glass
the shards in the coffee grinder
do I still use it? a leaf too
old, from a season

art as suggestion
art as email me if you want more

thick, veiny legs
nearly 26 and kind of
if I'm being shallow
in my own house (body)
didn't think I'd get here so fast 
but it's not a thought ever
the truth of time 
is never a thought
there are shiny hairs
I scrutinize 
blond or 
Aspen said blond in a husky
voice and I don’t believe her
she was a bro and she gave
me a mom haircut 
I went with a Groupon and left
in tears 

I cut my armpits with 
dull blades
at weird angles

I bleed like a faucet a blood
blister becomes a permanent body part
who can help?


I like to be surrounded by the options
for documentaries, you know
accidental playlists
the internet 
it’s sticky af


even more midnight


I get hot thinking about
my new drawing

but dream that my art was worse
the posterboards had thick and dirty
foam edges
how am I gonna hide this in a frame?
and that squeaky thing