Monday, October 1, 2018

job or baby


dream I was Andrea's baby
getting woken up continuously
in a dark room
she was bent over me
like in a crib
rubbing my belly
and I was plagued
with the heaviest sleep
I can imagine
I was carrying her baby
for her, sleeping on duty
it was partially OK
but it was time for her to lay down
I had to get off the bed
in my sporty clothes,
slightly raised belly &
ankle socks

she was sage-y
reappearing again and
again like a witch
I'm hot and can't breathe and
can't imagine being awake-
job or baby?


I'm in a car on a scary dark road
with a gun pointed at my face
because it's an area for some
civic duty
I was exempt, tried to show my heavy fur
by pushing my chest forward through
the unbearable sleep
Val Verde or something

when I come here I say hella
and he just writes in with a knife
in toast