Thursday, November 29, 2018

go for walks

Mary told us a a riddle 
or was it a clue from a cross word?
it turns into another story
the answer is
a spiral staircase
I’m enchanted by that

walking the road behind Kayla’s house
behind this urban place 
with some shops on a strip
it mysteriously curves
slopes up and around 
to a beautiful LA vista

a surprise rural canyon
rolling hills empty and gold 
a couple pointy junipers
and dry yellow grass

climbing the clean sidewalk is like
a spiral staircase in a fairytale castle
up into air smelling like eucalyptus, magnolia

we've been singing songs from 
Snow White and Pinocchio all day
I'm weeesshinng
walking in a wispy wonderland
pink sunset then mist over the moon

we talk about Rebecca Solnit’s essay
on Virginia Woolf’s “darkness”
it's about walking, and hoping
and her "the future is dark" quote

we keep singing 
I'm weeesshinng
I'm weeshing
between talking
and I do wish
I do hope