Sunday, November 11, 2018

Twin Star 60 PCS Oneida Flatware Never Used Vintage SHINY

I wonder if all my poems are household poems
they're all about plants grooming bedding
the things that keep me going
in anticipating moving I'm collecting dining things
a pink glass dinnerware set
a red glass dinnerware set
both say "MADE IN FRANCE"
a marbled blue and white enamel dinnerware set
all the sets have 4 dinner plates 4 salad plates 
4 bowls 4 cups
also the 4 Mexican clay dishes
with painted white and green flowers
that I bought at the freaky flea market in MD
and 8 thin bubble colored goblets 
with clover shaped mouths 
and the type of hollow stem that holds liquid
they remind me of Glenda the Good Witch 
I just ordered a 60 piece silverware set 
the 1960s "Twin Star" design by Oneida 
I can't stop thinking about how nice 
it will be to host with them
it keeps me going truly I am fantasizing 
about the day we can go to Wing Phat Plaza
and buy a humongous bag of rice
and thinking about buying bulk dry goods
for my pantry
for a kitchen where I can obsess about minimizing waste
where I will never use paper towels and will have
all matching kitchen towels 
that I wash once a week
call me crazy but 
I feel infinite peace thinking about it