Saturday, July 27, 2019


Choose Writing vs Choose Reading

neighborhood this morning smelled like 
mowed lawns and goose poop
childhood Lake Merritt park smell 
the cork trees and the grass maze
feel the gritty sand of the playground
on the cement wall where you feed the birds
shoes on that texture, hands on that
the rotary nature center
dimly lit ever cool sanctuary 
the thrill of visiting the bees
with their little tunnel to outside
putting your ear to the humming plastic 

bus to NY again 
guided meditation for birthdays and renewal?
guided meditation for I just quit my job?
phone phone phone
song about community 
song about technology and magic
song about I will never know enough 
the beautiful marshlands of New Jersey 
song about an orange windsock
song about a rusty bridge 

mental block against whimsical writing 
in this precipice hurting world
buzzing like an indoor-outdoor bee
on Wednesday I rescued a bee 
from the hot sun gravel in the 
courtyard of the Rodin museum 
put him in the shade with a leaf

little top-heavy bus in the sky 
overpass above a leafy gorge
precipice indeed
to be a snail
to be a bee
to be a butterfly 
a pollinator practice 
grandpa calls on my birthday
and we talk about global warming 

he says 
service is what it’s all about 
grandpa as the Cal bear
he said he’d send me a video of the waterfall he built 
so I can watch it and meditate 
I asked if he does that sometimes 
he said
No, no... I don’t do that