Friday, August 2, 2019

oh dirty

when I recognize
some girl I go
I fucking know that bitch

all these earthquakes
in my body
pulse on the front
of my hip

how am I not gonna remember
everything I did yesterday
but still wish I did more

remembering bikes at night
having one friend
lazy afternoon
cow sound

I know a place that's quiet
except for the daisies

craving new york
like a fucking donut
craving the gaze
a long symbol

but then
driving up the coast
my "blond" hair
blowing in my eye
my arm is just a piece
of me
and somehow I'm not
throwing my identity
against a wall
the classical music station
the ocean!
they said
anti-road rage

I literally hate the guy
who hovered on the shore
behind me
in my rust thong bikini
I saw his friends egg him on
he's preying on me
he's being a vulture
and there's no way

the warm warm
water the warm
cloudy evening
the shark sighting
care or

I've had these same
summer blues since
and probably before

people drop off
care or