Tuesday, April 14, 2020

vibes of my poems for translation

abyss of night, beauty infinity, alone

laughing to myself, sensory overload, in tune with nature really feeling one with the neighborhood, giggling

dream logic, weird, symbols, school? reading/connecting

sexy, freedom in lucid dream, kinda weightless, dgaf

observation, walking, checking on the neighborhood, playing games with one friend at night, secret 

just feelin poetry and living

epiphanies, tender to myself, memories, watery, spent

spiritually pissed, surrender, acceptance, peace with shit

yearning, horny, drugs, boy ego

drunk poet, 2nd part is about teaching in juvie, inside vs. outside, boundaries

sad, lamenting, mundane, turned on by mundane memories of places and things, remembering

also about teaching in juvie, feeling emotions in space, also inside/outside, being a grown up baby, basics

dream logic, confusion, yearning, cute, macro/micro

funny, sexy, word play like touching myself

heartbreak, history, time, pensive, still, literary

macro/micro, sexy play with words, fuck u kinda, feel like shit but having a tiny little fun with poem

heartbreak, body psychedelia, feeling stupid/little, yearning

dream obviously, unattainable, mysterious physicality, revealing things to myself, hide and seek, pissed, betrayed but calm

horny, fantasy, dream confusion, how can we all be better ---> poet alone

god mixed with sex, spiritually pissed, resentful, but I’m better lol