Saturday, April 4, 2020

What do you do while waiting for the shower water to become hot?

sometimes I do a lot
there’s a window in my shower
which I wonder about
how big it is
how much of a shelf it is
the day just turned from hot
to cool which has changed my shower plans
now I’m getting a wet phone call
where’s the rice and where are all the towels and 
what are they all for? the dirty one for tanning the dirty one 
for mopping the dirty one he used that time that will never
act clean (what gets wetter and wetter and never...)
and the clean one I use wrongly 
I don’t answer by the way
the droplets just shiver while I find another
way to say unplug, I wanna throw something 
at my ADD or is it everybody's?
sometimes I write for 2 hour chunks like 
they’re 2 inches on the simple school ruler of
was, is, and, will be
Amia says no peeking at the rice which
gets me thirsty, thirstier, thirstiest 
for the self possessed steam and 
I crave the possibility of a lot

sometimes I do a lot
brush my hair out straight
to medium in between something 
something like this, I know someone who says 
something like this instead of that 
her orange hair in my coral brush
feels like best friends
the two of us are already wearing pieces of
tiger, accumulating accessories on accident
and now what does tiger mean, I mean
today what does it mean its something like
covered in frosting? soot? like a leaf blower found it?
even doing nothing means too many things
I mean looking at my leg hair before my shave date
I think I’ve taken this tattoo to the beach right?
sometimes I even make a plan
while the water gets hot