Monday, November 25, 2013


I did once but grew tired of existing

My sweetheart there
was like a strange orange cat
we were both born in summer
and I feel like a spiral
there's no meat in here anymore
is summer ever actually
as orange as autumn 
or yellow as November

I wish I could remember all the things
I was hearing this weekend
sensing in the air
but I kept just nodding off on his chest
knowing it was ok
Carburetor Vivaldi. Kona my brother
my Cheshire cat 
all spiraling and spiraling
out and back out and back
with moments of great hope

I trust you
I don't know what this means
I'm getting you confused
with someone else
who I confused you with
everyone will hate me soon
for my designated role on the first 
season of This is a Family Disease
A sleepy performance 

…what my nilla, Imma shove it back to
  where it don’t snow
then what, my nilla? HeH?
    Imma shove it back all the way
back to Thanksgiving… heh??
I think that correctional officer had an evil twin
  I don’t usually find a girl’s tractive
I look and look
 but it is no where to be found