Thursday, November 14, 2013

post spa frags

there is something to love about the snow this morning
how it sticks to the trees but not the street
how it is the most exciting thing 
since november began

someone here makes the bathroom and the kitchen
smell the same

"You're beautiful at this, Quin!"

what do i respect?
a vest that matches my socks

2 dollars for the coconut-water-solo-stroll
through cobble hill at midnight
like cinderelly dressed to kill
like a rat on a train
amongst many men
so she wears turtle necks
and boxing brands
but orange socks

ankles are OK
after midnight

devil water tower
like maple shade
some troubled waters
bubble towers

what if i washed my sheets in there
aqua clean

i go through phases when
washing my sheets
is very important to me

it is like what i am trying to say
is coating the archway to a room
coating the ceiling and tops of the walls
what i am thinking in my dreams
coats that archway