Tuesday, September 25, 2018

DM (dance music)

a bar
too many pretzels
the whole time
a man yelling
a different person
another country
lots of weather and
a big friend
Payton getting a pillow signed

when a dream can be signed neatly away
like a pad of butter vs. when
it's a tangled section of hair
a tangled section of reality

what I need to stay up
keeps me fat too
the mountains supple
they know
I'm looking

life as a soft backdrop
for miniskirts in the fall
tights and excitement

fuck the system till you die
die a little all the time


the seasons move
so fast now that
their perils have
no flavor no
in one time
or another

but a hot second of fall
going fast on speed bumps
catching air, there's a window
glowing orange
in the stucco A-frame
the street lamps are thoughtful
more yellow than white
on the tree-lined street
scheming for Halloween
returning home from CVS
on a school night

and I'm jealous of the 10-year-old
with the clean bedroom
in the empty apartment
the bedside selzter
the KCRW lullaby she said
i know its weird because
its like dance music