Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sweetie sweetie sweetie Darling


I hate that I'm thinking
about the meme
that says essentially
work = looking at "bad screen"
"can't wait to go home
and look at good screen"

so fucked up I think
as I check good screen again
this little lifeline
to where?

types of parties

hustling in the rain in a silky outfit
click click click grab an armful of flowers
from Produce Junction
oh how I love it I wish I could stay a while
and take pictures of the seasonal scarecrows
for sale only $5! click click click to the car

radio is playing a song that in many other contexts
I may not like but
oh the rain and the flowers
please all I ask is that you come around
and see me
and it has a synth line that sounds like
the melody of a standard church bell chime

what is the sept Spring line about
showing up to the party
early and in costume

I was the first person at the party
well, baby shower
as well as the last

when it's just me and KP left
we talk about choosing art
vs. choosing other things
she says it's like, 
you do have to choose
or life chooses for you

choose choose choose

look at that word some more
choose choose choose