Monday, January 29, 2018

air, water, deviled eggs


the hard-boiled barman
with frozen arched eyebrows
such a timeless service character
probably does a lot of coke
muddled jalapeno drinks
too watery and full of ice

we note his vibe
the comfort we've made here
our conversations a bubble
a sphere and a circle
we go round in together

I'm sorry we have to 
hang out at places like this
I'm sorry I have no money
and we can't live somewhere cool

you show me a crack
I'm thankful for it
I see from your side for a minute
not mine mixed with ours

black car

in the morning driving home
from my Saturday dog outing
it's mid winter but the sun beats
on my black car warming me
that battered feeling like after the beach
parched and wiped out and satisfied


I'm rolling somewhere
down the road to this bizarre PA town
with two bridges and a cowboy strip
this alternate reality 1950s town
showing up at night
it may as well be floating in outerspace
it's so dark all around it