Wednesday, January 15, 2020



I watch as the woman
lifts her apple watch 
to the infant's face

nobody told the flowers to come up

you have to sprint towards your goals 
or inertia will crush you like a stone
it's all around us 
at the end of an 8.5 hour shift
you just have to pick yourself up
and keep throwing yourself at that wall
(pick a wall, any wall)
until it cracks
cos 9 times out of 10
you will bounce right off 
there's no silver bullet
for this thing
not in a poem 
not in a horoscope
I set a timer 


the person who stands outside the store 
asks me to buy her white vinegar
when I hand it to her she screws off the top
and starts drinking it like water


I'm here for you like 
the nightlight in the bathroom
when you stumble in