Tuesday, March 24, 2020

birds eye

everyday I walk around  
in an orange sweatshirt
while the helicopter circles
they can see me/I can see
Pasadena Woman Walks
the translucent periodical
on the top stack in my brain 
projected like, another cloud

at first he asked for a photoshoot
a second he asked
are you homeless?
it's only been 
one week

in my dream Milah (hi)
did Jesus Walks while
the cool 
and I, drooled

dreaming also of 
sleeping longer
the weaker dreams 
fizzling fast

* * *

passage from unknown book via Jake...

Standing off to one side. Seeing only the world 
in fragments, there won't be any other one. 
Moments, crumbs, fleeting configurations-- 
no sooner have they come into existence 
than they fall to pieces. Life? There's no 
such thing; I see lines, planes, and bodies, 
and their transformations in time. Time, 
meanwhile seems a simple instrument 
for the measurement of tiny changes,  
a school ruler with a simplified scale-- 
it's just three points: was is, and will be.

choosing unknown over
unfair I know
choosing to think about
that school ruler 
for at least
the rest of the day