Tuesday, March 31, 2020


i'm smiling and
all over
the clouds are 
losing it
falling back 
onto the mountains 

the shiny bronze tube
matches the palm fronds 
in the shared sentiment
of the sun

chuckling at the hedges like
embarrassing haircuts 
on dogs, 

but also
we all out here

the rose looking down

the absurdity of this neighborhood 

money like naked 

like I'm marching
with the pitch bend

all the butterflies are out
and I mean it

I hate being told to smile
but the full body curve
that comes on it's own

some other shit
matching the globe

the shiny black stuff 
on the manhole

I smelled Paris 
and I think
edible sex

the seashell soap
you know I've had questions

watering all my people
in gentle news ways