Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Chill 1

everyone leaving/a melting
popsicle, it's just nice
to touch you/to say it
two candles going
away with this wave
the smoke alarm
the oil, the eggs
her orange hair
our curtains open
to the unexpected rain
my day was something like
my jaw on the wet floor
when everyone I know
is losing it-- a sort of
currency, the ball we throw around
the wishbone in my soup

getting off to something feasible
and I'm on the curved road in Shasta
or turning left at the triangle near the school
that old summer feeling of walking
through the screen door
of being ignored

he said, is glimmering just shimmering
and glittering?
the salmon quartz we found
coloring at the dining room table
with the shavings and the candles
he said he was looking for candles
and then showed us a wild example
swallowing the sweet idea with a chill