Sunday, March 22, 2020


really looking at the neighborhood
the way taco bell divides us
the big boulevard
the stars giving light
we saw one skater
named him gavin, after the governer
can you believe gavins are old enough to govern?
nope, the ear pods, the hat, the stars
how I saw him at all
the streaky clouds like
soft claw marks on your body
the ones you give yourself in the shower

all the rich freaks casting shadows
of their urns, aloes, fountains
their looping driveways with lamps
every 6 ft, we measure with
Mary's body flat on the sidewalk

the energy of the trees and plants
is something familiar from Art
something like pride in their essence

I take another sip of wine from
my old can and see one more person
with a smirnoff bottle
anar-chee! says Mary
where were we, new orleans
another story
falling in
clean pieces
on the dark street

something like the usual
too bad
to leave the night behind
but an unusual clinging
from the night itself
a sweetness I can't
see leaving