Tuesday, October 28, 2014

right quick

Am I with child 
or am I the child?
hair tied up and 
body wrapped up 
in sweaty layers
connecting L to 6 
to Grande 

(all I ever write about)

Grand Central

Do imperfections 
on the skin indicate 
imperfections in the 

buying Wet Wipes to 
use before eating
a bag of beef jerky
and a Snickers 
on the train

all the reds and 
browns on the
packaging of
my 3 items 
and the reds 
and browns 
of our bodies 
when think about 

Wet Wipes kill
99.99% of germs
but can't go near
a virus??

school is for bad kids 
always trying to get away with it 
to steal back my own time
bad for kids

I g2g :(