Saturday, October 4, 2014

shut up weirdo

Hi you're on the radio:

I have a pet story...
my eagle was killed

no beagle 

When G_d made the world
he took it for a walk like 
a dog

Hi Johnny,
Happy Birthday
you sound congested
you don't sound so good
your sick voice is kinda hot
I had no idea your dad was tall and German
Does he have blonde hair?
I would love to meet your dad one day, Johnny

(201) 209-9368

Tonight's topic is
lies your parents told you
people killing people dying
smh, bye

what do you mean a permanent record?
I was a good girl though
I didn't get bad until now
I wanted to go to a good college

yeah totally
yeah totally

I got caught discovering myself as a man
I got caught in the act
You're gonna go blind doing that!
Can I at least do it until I need glasses?
Apparently I was a pretty ridiculous child…
Sorry I didn't call last week ladies

Hi you're on the radio:

Oh come on
Hey what's up
stop making that face
or it's gonna stay that way
I'm drunk
I had one of those puppies
I drank it in like a second

Have a good one

we have no calls

lies your parents told you

(201) 209-9368