Thursday, October 9, 2014

health cake

so much can go wrong
I don't want to touch anything
I will never pick my nose again
I can still say I don't want to die
it is still dark in my mind
it is still alive
I am still scared of midnight

The Witching Hour Revival
an eclipse, if you will
Did You Know?
"all eclipses are joined together
like pearls on a necklace"

wow it looks like Miami in here
and you have great ideas
why are you baking a cake?
because you are feeling better?
it's a health cake

but I'm so scared
red moon blood moon full moon
wrong turns in my own town
all the streets turn into dead ends
at midnight
am I going to find something
I don't want to find?
I do want to get out of town
but shouldn't we all be
quarantining ourselves
right about now?
and not licking our fingers