Tuesday, October 14, 2014



I'm slowly and certainly saying
goodbye to my Casita tan
The air is pointed now and it
Makes me want to run for cover
You might be freaked out by the lack
Of seasons in CA but remember
that the season change here is as
Frightening as it is beautiful
A time for dying
Rolling over (play dead)
So it can't get to you
all september till Spring is Halloween
So we can disguise ourselves against evil

Each night here includes a walk
alone up Boulder Trail and back
down it later
The lamps making movie streaks
in the rain mist
Things falling from the trees all around me
and wet vines reaching down to rain the dew
they've collected
Cracking and hissing
There is always a strong smell of something 
foul or chemical in front of one house 
by the top of Boulder Trail
with a sloping lawn leading up to its entry 
and usually a dry cleaning bag hanging 
behind the glass pane of the front door
I can't help but imagine the
bodies in the basement
Maybe explaining the consistency
of the dry cleaning bag in the door


It's true life is all the
running to the calm
And the blue car
The strain of having
To say goodbye to
Your nene and yr wife
so Many times a week
When it's dark outside
Or early in the morning
To do your different
things you have to do

Like tempo rubato
(stolen time, a signature
with no consistency)
Quickquick slow
&Your Birthday again
again again