Thursday, October 30, 2014

banana hands

Have you ever eaten a banana in the dark?

It's like truth or dare
or the dark cubbies at a children's museum
trying to guess what you've touched

I used to have this feeling
when I got home from school

I didn't know whether to pee
or to drink water first

you goin' in or out?

this is similar to my passion
for the way a suitcase looks
packed and clean
wishing I could wear it all at once
so soft and plentiful
so much potential

it's the friction I think
I don't remember how
to define friction
but I know that
my liquid dilemmas
are as real as
our wardrobes
and our vacation days

I could remember how to define it
if I tried really hard
but I think I am doing it
an alternative justice
I actually just remembered

Hands rubbing together