Monday, April 29, 2013

gate is good

rolling rolling rolling

letting it blend


and bend

y'all doing something together that she can't remember

something inside two paper cups, 

wrapped up

chewing this gum 

while drinking that coffee
it's just like,
she's like

still minds a wrap

cups blowing
keeps bleeding

(still rolling)

shhhhhhhhhhh blowing
on a
bright bulb
to cool it
those dim ideas

are cool

rolling it away
that heat

rolling away and

going again

locking it up 

and sleeping again
@cool down
y'all cool and down

Thursday, April 25, 2013


one day i’ll be old and 
i’ve always known that
I’m going to be someone 
who gets to be very old

dark dark juice of the now
my only GUTS on the beach
pain and children around
dark brown and red sunset
the sky is so low gold
she is bleeding so flat to the ground
telling me she’s ok
dark dark juice

on the verge of a wave
i want to ride a wave or maybe
just feel that crest forever
why mock
not why ,, why not



Friday, April 19, 2013

like a real

a new job as the girl who brings water to eveyone’s tables and pours herself onto the table
it's a 24-hour restaurant in the bedroom

The New York City Department of Health and
Mental Hygiene has the jurisdiction to regulate
all matters affecting health in the city and to
perform all those functions and operations that
relate to the health of the people of the city.

the girl who brings water to eveyone’s tables and pours herself onto the table

Sunday, April 7, 2013

So Nice

"he was throwing mums off the top of a truck,

                    on the way down they blended in with the trees"




it was a western dream a west coast murder with an eastern ring leader she was the one the cocaine cowgirl taking us up the mountain path with exotic orange flowers the whole way up me bailing first cause the balling and my boy bailing second just cause the victim and my boy was so sweet to me in the western dream exotic to me like an orange flower