Monday, December 31, 2012

We Love 2013


Friday, December 28, 2012

mom dad and god

in 20 years they told me the dentist is bad
keep your teeth clean but never wash your baby

one of us sees all the leaves from the driver’s seat
the other was feeling this place is another world
this world is another life this life is a dream
dreams must be truly must are real

floating in the lap
like always ½
always 50

after dinner my hands to my eyes
still smell like the blue gloves
the hi genesis was pregnant
she went and sat in the lunch room
the lights were off in there
she put her hand on her stomach and 
breathed deeply

in the dream its all light
like a tincture
like a papier-mâché head on the pillow
Hi, Genesis


the different wings of the mansion
it was all dark and turning lights on
spotlights red patterns on pink walls
reflections in gold glass
sharp heart and dagger
everything is cringe and enamel
tongue biting warm angel
does whatever she wants

why did i not do my homework
,,,,…why did i not do my homework
the warmth authorities of new york 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

mineral spirits

in the back closet all the eggs hatched 
desert rodents mice rats chickens rams all white
baby ram with extra sharp fresh horns 
held me in a facelock from behind
squeezing all the babies to my ribs
trying to keep them contained 
so many animals in there lately

i've swarmed me
imagining cells go freak evil 
the sick you get for anxiety
and for wanting it

but all thats mandelbrotten  
congeals into murk
and rises to the surface 
to be scraped away

smooth and silky magic 
i'm ready to make you

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


lately, the princess 
is the one having troubles 
with resignation 

floating in the generation

the knight's eyes are the new kind of small chameleon
so new and life-is-good-green 
to match his shirt 
a summer turf, a Princess, (no pea)

the floating generation:

I used to sell Arnold Palmers
in The Park
I thought about them (too much),
the ratio
bending my chin down towards the plastic cup 
on my apron in my palms
waist, hi 
ice levels of desires 
eyes bending down to yellow
liquid filling/pouring/over
a liquid dilemma of sorts 
feeling the heat of pizza eyes on my face
brain bending 
me melting

all the music in the park blends
with routine and life-is-good-green
dead grass
all the dilemmas became liquid ones
liquid lines of men moving eyeballs

half and half
emergency simple syrup
old oil with  bits/water bottles
water fountains*
puddles for the rats

the rats claimed the chocolate-turtle-turf
life was outside in
in all the rain storms
our medical-baby plastic blanket
weak and holy

we found a rat skeleton 
pizza brain hung on to it 
hung it on a wall inside-
oven melts on
our own patron watch 
our own dough and time

mocking, bending
to get to go home (flies)
mocking, melting 
exactly maple-less
like a skeleton in summer
a boiling point fried
an ending stage right

Sunday, December 2, 2012

hi steak

How to stay So Young and So Free in a Pre-Fab, Post-It World:

Friday, November 30, 2012

home grown flavor

everything is growing in my flavor

the red wine we talked about
with our fingers

fall leaves all round

when i left

right here, is in my fingers
on tips of needles

like pine

slowly slaying

a week is a long time to die

i wonder if i am hungry or just slow
and if the moon even cares

(thrown off the tides)
about me anymore

in the center of the month
an opal is born
the mama gives it her oils
and psalms
the air is as soft as it should have been
twenty years ago

the super cycles
i wonder

Monday, November 19, 2012

this time last/next year

corn rows
birth control
take your time
chelsea flooded
colored contacts white out
orange birthday cake
stomach ache
china green tips
goldie boy
kissy face u
a lawyer out here today
he was 52, liberal
asshole, and the war
Con Edison
Generator (carbon monoxide)
why are we playing basketball tonight
when people are in so much
goldie boy

Sunday, November 18, 2012

legal tender

        * ***  
         * * * *
       * * * *
   * * * * ** 
* * * * * *   
   * * * * *
* * * **
   ** *
 * *
Lonely Tropaeolum
UV Cake 
Sha Na To Va
Raining Pouring
Slow Dog
Fairy Soap 
What Is
I Mandelbrot

        * ***  
         * * * *
       * * * *
   * * * * ** 
* * * * * *   
   * * * * *
* * * **
   ** *
 * *

        * ***  
         * * * *
       * * * *
   * * * * ** 
* * * * * *   
   * * * * *
* * * **
   ** *
 * *

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sam Dunk

every day 500,000 Latin Americans turn 18
holistic open container
i kant concentrate
the wet cylinder and the frosted cardboard tube

Saturday, October 27, 2012

many world

como nada three raw eggs in a dish
place them under the bed 
two hundred marks made in blood
that looked like a cardiograph 
angus the cat staring at the cold spots 
thanks for teaching me so much witchstuff
the hill of the martyrs grant money
that dark place on palace avenue
heads of the native chiefs on stakes around the plaza
jackson was conceived during a conjugal visit
sheena is half navajo
theresa natalie mary kilpatrick
specter detector and the riveting story
do you hate talking to a wall
or do you love how it just reverberates back

i saw mr. president before the speech
i was using his microwave in the wings
he was shy to ask my affiliations
i wished him good luck and hoped he knew then

sad on the new carpet
baby and me in a box
what were we watching
why the hole in my hand

am i bouquet right now?
is everything bouquet?