Monday, September 28, 2015

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

big to be back, brown, beach, blonde, gone

classic feelings for lava libra update 15

trying to write poems in my head
on the beach at night
something about a blow up doll
inflated with love

I thought of her shiny and stiff
in the corner
trying to make her me!
full of love,
living off it

soft blanket of ocean
warmer than noontime
lapping up to my knees
something naughty
and clean

"a snakeskin clad mammal
cruising the beach
with a raisin rage lip
and two bleach blonde streaks"

sand piper ghosts
stay 20 feet ahead
as I follow them
on the slick
moonlit sand

a shadowy
belted figure
complete with a cap
says hey,
stay off the surf!
the stingrays are a month early

why do you have so many
accessories at night?

but that's my cue
I think
I'm watching out for you

high tide gonna
kick you off the beach
if nothing else
gonna send you back
to your sandy bed
tan at night
walking from the hard
to soft

a different day
running TO the beach
with wet blue nails
(also purple and sultry)
fireworks in the distance
a small girl in a yankees
shirt and a low pony
emerges and my heart
beats in the center
of familiar love!

NJ plates glow
with the motion

lemme be a smooth
little baby down
the shore for
all four seasons

more on the doll
if I can remember
what else it was
about her

How it feels to be flipped by a wave
If I could curve perfectly with its figure 
Like a spiral
Like a spiral 
Be a little more Pacific  

What if the turbulence on the plane were like that
Tumbling and sandy
Shocked at my shrinking size, the spider going down the drain
Tangle of legs

Last night Jamie as a child led me through a dream
Telling me secrets, letting me in on the joke  
Tell me let me 
Tell me let me
I stay saying
Stuck under the running faucet 
of my clear cold mind

I need a little ocean 
Every little once in a while
A little green wave
You know what it's like 
So merrily but a dream