Thursday, April 26, 2018

Nissan with Silver

today I drove weepy
through Arizona
I don’t think I saw anything
how did I make it
with the spikey branch stuck
in my periphery  
new cars get me
in Sims levels
of senses I slide
off the glasses
to see what’s clogged
like music up my nose
I sniff for the knob
and cry a little
I’ve changed
from wanting
to break someone’s neck
for being as sentimental
as me
to just weeping

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sestina #2

I remember how evil
the melting feels in line
with the other blues
and browns, keeping tabs on clouds
singing I’m only one call
away, humming come on, come on

she sings there’s Mary on
my right and we know it’s evil-
hot, so just don’t call
my line
of clouds
not white but blues

wanna tell Mom my blues
run the game, but you are on
my mind, the ominous clouds
exchange grateful for evil
she says get empty, draw your line
back home, she sings, come on

will the wires to call
the front lawn of my blues
potion splashed in line
on winners, Mom, Mary on
my right keeps evil
off the grass, clouds

in my coffee, clouds
in my coffee, call
home again feel evil
for gaping holes and blues
running games, keep on
calling, she says, draw your line

I’m waist deep in trying online
a deep waste of time machines, iClouds
but you are on
my tabs to keep, to call
when I’ve gone, the blues
of screens turn evil

exchange empty for evil
on the lawn on my blues
draw your line home, I’m only one call