Sunday, September 30, 2018


all I want is to take the high road
to make jokes on a Tuesday
lead by example
you can be that stair step person to those around you
cos think about how boring

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

DM (dance music)

a bar
too many pretzels
the whole time
a man yelling
a different person
another country
lots of weather and
a big friend
Payton getting a pillow signed

when a dream can be signed neatly away
like a pad of butter vs. when
it's a tangled section of hair
a tangled section of reality

what I need to stay up
keeps me fat too
the mountains supple
they know
I'm looking

life as a soft backdrop
for miniskirts in the fall
tights and excitement

fuck the system till you die
die a little all the time


the seasons move
so fast now that
their perils have
no flavor no
in one time
or another

but a hot second of fall
going fast on speed bumps
catching air, there's a window
glowing orange
in the stucco A-frame
the street lamps are thoughtful
more yellow than white
on the tree-lined street
scheming for Halloween
returning home from CVS
on a school night

and I'm jealous of the 10-year-old
with the clean bedroom
in the empty apartment
the bedside selzter
the KCRW lullaby she said
i know its weird because
its like dance music

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sweetie sweetie sweetie Darling


I hate that I'm thinking
about the meme
that says essentially
work = looking at "bad screen"
"can't wait to go home
and look at good screen"

so fucked up I think
as I check good screen again
this little lifeline
to where?

types of parties

hustling in the rain in a silky outfit
click click click grab an armful of flowers
from Produce Junction
oh how I love it I wish I could stay a while
and take pictures of the seasonal scarecrows
for sale only $5! click click click to the car

radio is playing a song that in many other contexts
I may not like but
oh the rain and the flowers
please all I ask is that you come around
and see me
and it has a synth line that sounds like
the melody of a standard church bell chime

what is the sept Spring line about
showing up to the party
early and in costume

I was the first person at the party
well, baby shower
as well as the last

when it's just me and KP left
we talk about choosing art
vs. choosing other things
she says it's like, 
you do have to choose
or life chooses for you

choose choose choose

look at that word some more
choose choose choose

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Intrepid Trips

I envy the free spirits and
empty people

another walking poem

turns out I needed a walk
more than the dog
there are more men and 
there is more trash 
so I don't look down anymore

everything is dead
turns out I just 
needed to go back
to the neighborhood
to see the light on the mountain
the gasoline trees have grown
over the sidewalk
walking in the street instead 
is basically how I feel


it wasn't so romantic this time
with my foot on the pedal


feel like a spring onion not
unlike the flower blooming 

the train whistle reminds me
I'm just a guy who gets
unsettled, and spooked 
by life sounds and travel 
sleep has been revealing 
such averageness


jerking off to the place where 
purple and red meet
crying at the textures 
of those fabrics 
the moisture
the bleach stain on clean laundry
sex near the pond in the rain
no hat


I feel like god is kissing me
wake up and a dog
is kissing me remember
that horror story 
who was really under the bed
but really I'm walking again
on the loud gravel
in the warm breeze
and the radio is reading my mind
I'm crying and it always
will be