Friday, December 20, 2013


Noting the resolution of the prince, the gods suddenly cast a spell on the young women, leaving them in distorted postures and shocking poses. One lay leaning against the side of a window, her slender body bent like a bow, her beautiful necklace dangling. Another, with loose and disorderly hair, lay like the figure of a woman trampled by an elephant. Her ornaments and garments having slipped from her back, her necklace scattered. And another, of great natural beauty and poise, was shamelessly exposed in an immodest position, snoring out loud, with her limbs tossed about. Another, with her ornaments and garlands falling off and garments unfastened, lay unconscious like a corpse, with her eyes fixed and their whites showing. Another with well-developed legs lay as if sprawling in intoxication, exposing what should have been hidden, her mouth gaping wide and slobbering, her gracefulness gone and her body contorted. Seeing this, the prince was disgusted.

Monday, December 16, 2013

dear diary,


you are so much smarter than me
you have read so many books
I go to college for Feelings
I am at college
majoring in feelings
the hourglass and 
How to Cash In
and Cop Out

love always,

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Sisters at Heart

mystery the way of life
like walking down the street and being a girl
there is nothing to say about it
I can’t tell him about it

There is this other world
where I can go
I walk into it like an acorn shell
in this other world

I drive my car on the beach
it's Alameda beach 
my favorite beach 
and it's ok to park there

I have the means and sureness
to get myself to where I want to be
and we always have the time
to do the things we love

you are the only person I could talk to
and write about what we talked about
then know that you’re reading it
literally the only

Saturday, December 14, 2013


my savta, their ema 
sweet betty
his mama
so sad and true
"it is what it is
what are you gonna do"

sweet israel 
dates and honey
my blood as thick 
and consistent 
as their meals

that's his mama though
that's why I'm here and
now shes being suctioned


my little family is dying
and I'm right here
home on my back
honey in my blood

I love my parents because they are both beautiful people and let me do whatever I want

wind chime

thinking sex in shapes
curved like the mirror behind us
the headboard
I have seen this before
but not with the waves


no one feels it getting cold
we just like to talk about it
what's it like to be winter in dreamland?
to have weird weather in dreamland
its like waking up happy to awake
with your windows still shut
only opened in a dream
so its hot

no distance from the sun
I am psychic about when I get shocked
like the water fountain above the carpet
with the vacuum cleaning blocking 
my drinking position

about the weird weather
the second floor is a heavy difference
in temperature
like going room to room
heavy differences
in temperature

maybe I am wise
but chest pains why
wine lips, maybe


thinking of sex like shapes
my barefeet on some
cool, damp earth
I fantasize of grounding mysef
in the pale light
losing it all in the hills
with wind like skin

Monday, December 9, 2013

it breaks my heart to throw away a seashell

am i gliding?
a softness in going home
going room
to room
is not so

my shin hurts 
when i think about it "cracking"
i hear the whimpering of the dog 
with the jingling of the keys

"give me a jingle"
it's beginning to feel a lot like california
or like christmas
in mexico

every christmas 
even BC*
i knew you would smell like sunshine

lavender soy scent
mrs. its a clean day
from nj to the pj

mr. i can work out with my eyes closed,

and i want to cover
the sunny side of life

but it breaks my heart to throw away a seashell

"his manners were so exquisite 
that they were like a definition of civilization"

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

pill hill

I finally saw Jamie in a dream
 He was standing in front of his
dad’s house, poised to leave,
 leaning against a long shiny
black Cadillac
 The house was like a black
and white wedding cake,
 double-decker, balcony
trimmed with lace and white
 lilies, and those strands of
imitation pearls that can be big
 and tiny. His dad was
Bella Lugosi wedding Dracula
 awkwardly seeing him off in a tux
with tails, everything shining
 joke black and white, against joke
green grass and blue sky
 The whole scene
was a wedding funeral, Jamie
 was waiting for his wife
to come downstairs and
 get in the car

I know you’ve been
 a few places
I know
 you’ve been back
from them

 Those places look
joke black in my mind
 They must feel joke black
sometimes. Like an inky
 cartoon spider web
The most perfect and
 frightening. The dark appeal
of a quill, with the sharp

Getting older is just when
 things start getting realer and
closer to home

And one day
 you never come

but sissy bliss
 there are all kinds
We liked to chew aspirin
 because of the taste

I’m on the airplane again
 chewing aspirin

United Airlines would
 like to congratulate two
of our passengers
 Mr. and Mrs. Brookes
are celebrating their
50th wedding anniversary!