Monday, May 6, 2019


something about
how I am letting myself be cared for
and how 

it is too easy

do I take care of my big friends
like they take care of me?

am I the stairstep?


sketched out by my old feelings
popping up

like just be

unless you've got something big to say

make yourself 

don't embarrass me

mayday bread puppets garlic

walking dog
finding a melody
my fav voice is the kazoo
that sometimes happens
vibing in my head
Jardin Sous La Pluie
community garden
dump truck toy

we don't 
      to be free

there's a park in my neighborhood
called Squirrel Hill Falls
it's got a tall iron fence
and rows of benches
facing a mural of a hyper realistic waterfall
trees all around it
it's convincing
to visit like a landmark
quiet and peaceful in there

I have no body
I'm just a head
like, suspended
plus hands and feet
like, a post on mega
with nothing in it just a title
at the top
and a
Posted by Bistro at 7:18 PM
at the bottom
how much can you delete?

the meaning of 
the moon and stars
the bullshit

long shadows on the page of happy hour
song about sunburn

I like that the tap water
comes from the Schuylkill
I'm really becoming this place
it's hospitable
that I'm allowed
chlorinated river dirt chemical water
inside and outside of me

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Lit by MK and Today

the edge of a thought
a new groove I remember
being beautiful
a tattoo
new spots stay scarring
in the sun it stays now
from May 1 -
yelling in the park
honking w the heart
music and power
to the ppl

when a poem just
floods you with certainty
a cover letter to cry on
I say I a lot
I want to defend poetry
it's depths and powers
a package of air that'll
blow your head off but
fits in the palm of your hand

flood you with consideration
thank you for it, for time

Wednesday Mega May Day
a cherry
I see
six flags
your scrunchie
the website
it's spring
for short
a fly
the sun
it's 5
warm beer
hurt neck

need dessert
something wavy
so easy to say
sun all the time
sun kiss sun's
out sunshine
the comfort
of daylight
does it work the same?
the menu
to write
to see
we taste
and feel
I think
I know
I do