Friday, July 15, 2016


I take a nap every day
I set a timer on my phone for 25 minutes
I fight to keep my eyes closed at first
Sometimes I'm so tired I forget to breathe
A mess of images
Today the song You & Me by Goldie
Then I slip into the shoe of my body
Like a rock falling to the bottom of a river
And time slows down infinitely
Until the alarm goes off with the sound of crickets

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Murder Broadway

Put colors in songs
where they belong
For clothes what's right
is black and white

Over a dozen people overdosed
at Myrtle Broadway late last night
They don't know on what
but it most likely has something to do with k-2
On the radio they described a scattered gaggle of people
shaking, leaning against fences and fire hydrants

Lauren wants to hear Birthday by the Sugar Cubes
I'd love to feed horses sugar cubes today
a bodily memory of my 17th birthday at the Anne Frank House
I looked for her view of the trees and the moon through the high windows

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Fruit : 雙雙對對恩恩愛愛

I have love reserved
like big baskets of the juiciest fruit
wrapped and bowed for my special people
but I want to be a Creature of Love
for everyone

I'm recalibrating myself now
to be like the smoothie at the spa
to be someone's step stool to happiness
Butterfly Talking
I want to lighten your footsteps
bloom you
a garnish on every glass

Friday, July 8, 2016

Glass of Ice Violet Dice

Sampling the creative fruits of my peers
A show where the noise is peacefully mean
I imagine a surgery to get a glass of ice implanted

I can go there with you
to the sounds like tiny rakes dragging tiny leaves
but I have heard enough noise music in my life 
to fill all of the shoes I own

I Wicked Witch home on my violet bicycle 
lean left lean right
I like to steer by moving as little as possible 
so it's like i'm steering with my mind

I see a black cat frozen 
one paw out front in a sneaky low contrapposto 
I see a man in the same stance 
I hear him wrapping or unwrapping something 
Sharp and clear crinkling of paper 
amplified in the empty street
Candy or cigarette
when it is hot we move as little as possible
looking like frozen things melting

When the friend is the phone 
When the phone is the friend

I'm bored of the New York movie
There's just the one now
I live in it but it's theirs 
The bug world that I used to escape into
the huge river in a gutter after it rains

when I was a little girl
I had a ragdoll
the only doll I ever owned

shiny trash on the street was alive
small mysterious animals
sun bleached decorations in windows
to personalize My Big Dusty Apple
It's all theirs now

Ice cream men must dream 
to a soundtrack of the ice cream song 
I try hard not to melt all over my friends

How literary this story is 
but I will never be the one to write it
Lucia tells me I would love her new squat 
See the sign with the dog and the gramophone? See the dog?
She directs me on Google Maps Street View over the phone 
See the sign? See the little dog?
Keep going west and you'll see our house
See where there's a place where stairs should be? 
my rooms right above there. We've fixed it up a lot 
we've taken a lot of the boards off the windows, 
we should take off more maybe, what do you think about that Manny? 
Yeah well I know, he says we have to stay low key but anyways
I'm going to send you a picture of my room I mean not of the mess on the floor 
but architecturally its really nice Livi you'd love it Livi

You can't put all your eggs in one basket
especially like golden eggs
Ya...really disappointing

The coolest boy at school 
who was also a ferocious dog
a huge black and white sort of greyhound with shaggy fur
A little too skinny in his clothes 
a sloping nose and big smiling mouth
sort of Joey Ramone sort of JK
Bad posture like he was turning into a dog 
he was turning into a dog
I wanted to be near him but he bit my hands

The shabbiest house on the block has the best roses
The haunted house with boards over the basement windows

In June I saw a charming group
Of roses all begin to droop
I pepped them up with chicken soup!
Sprinkle once
Sprinkle twice
Sprinkle chicken soup with rice

I love going to work early Saturday mornings 
My brain is still sleeping
golden light at its rising slant 

Wearing all white, you know this dilemma,
but all of the white items are slightly different shades
Various stages of graying and yellowing
I think the only way to do it right would be 
to buy all the white items new at the same time 

I set a fire 
To exorcise my fate
When I watched her turn to soot and ash
I didn't know I would also catch
Fire flame 
I forgot my name
flame, fire
I'm horse lame

The desire that the eyelash 
I wished on in the airplane 
would flutter all the way down 
to the ground below