Friday, May 14, 2021

u shape


friday night

notions of service 

stung by your priority

your pre k energy 

puzzled by Jazz 

when it's glass 

for some reason 

a table saw

the same serious songs

for summer/i was feeling

all new nikes

a premise that can run

all hourly 

no mountains this morning

even wet, cold water

but the way it doesn’t rain

in the arms of a 180

we saw yellow icons on the horizon

various IOS representation 

their respective glitches

you kept asking if

i dreamed every

15 minutes

the sun baked sage

i walk here

the constant soft shaking

your brand of alarm

your arms their

long corners

Sunday, April 18, 2021

the word came first

a human being is not 
the calm at the center of the whirlpool
but the whirlpool itself
i.e. a pattern
and a pattern is a message
and I don't know what the f that means
but I do know it's poetry

Sunday, April 4, 2021


trying to allow for
the multiple versions of reality
fashion a multi-tool brain
a mobile-esque consciousness

I like to eat with dirty hands
a navel orange off the tree
juice streaking soil up my wrists
sardines on saltines

Sunday, January 17, 2021

most inside

scratch art clouds, walking 
on the earth's surface today
like a boat you said, SS
Patience (!) I'm suss of 
it (patience) you said 
you've seen it curdle

fuck reminding big
style archeology 
heart break me
better cuz this 
graceless ballet

look back at (it)
the sprinkler's 
rainbow you know 
me your cinderblock

it's January 
and next it's 
January in loops 
my private suffers 
our sestina 
our globe
miss snow
her peril and

Monday, January 11, 2021

regular poem

when midday has the vibe
of late afternoon
I know I'm in for it
I know I know 

covid and the wind
still blows

I consult my team,
smoke the crumbs 
on my table

the night takes every 
possible turn

the clouds interlock
in questions 
soothing to 
mind loss

I said I'm unhinged
you said nah half hinged
you said you never know 
if someone is feeling 
cloudy or sunny about you

tomorrow the clouds are verbs
the wet, white roses

in so many pictures
I can't tell our difference 

when the moon is right there
in the morning
the question of sleep

my dreams are 
dark daytime 
a bad theater

I'm undone because
(half done) the sun 
is doing something

you had this snack 
that was an egg 
with a fig in it 
you said should I 
eat it now or later? 
and I said now
because you're glowing 
like the egg, now

our curveball
this gentle evening 

turning myself in 
my dream there was
water and you were 
comforting me
and it was just 
enough of you 
to say so