Thursday, September 9, 2021

3 weeks

the sky looks around the moon

birds sing crazy and me 
into my hand

playing the child's guitar
green, easy 
as putting in your bag
our thing 
about kissing

cracker jack
red hook

black & mild 
flags blow

all the parks are the one
I remember 

the sun showers correct

and the blue green crop
i'm hopeless

in the bathroom between two songs between
two songs in the bathroom the way
the house works

can't sleep my boobs hurt
fuck hours and their minutes

how several is so seven
you wanted stories all the time
where its unburned
where the road opens huge earth 
grows and trucks shrink

the horizon is one big cloud
since LA kind of pink with 
feelings of when

lemon yellow trash bags

one moment in the clearing
towards language/side 
eyeing the sun it goes

I desire the cashier in my
big pants



reason as

still, wanting fractures 
mixing sex with
negative tests

still wanting to finish you

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

last night, and other nights (notes on suicide)

wishing to be saved
I ask the cat,     will 

when all escapes exempt
from linear time and            
each route

deflates   pre   conceive . . ..

the third party     I gag       
on talk    it loosens me 

how night moves in lasso 

how Nothing mocks 
my casts 

when heat syncs
this glitch   
                   in business
of wanting, I'm bobbing 
on moonlit surface  > 
the bedroom light  over 
punish me
save me/same   
coin stuff .. . .

Defeat's severe, 
macro   daddy hold 
on (see/how) night moves

      here goes:
      one shape 
      of resist-
      ance to 

an empty (moonlit) diamond 

here goes
my small defeat 
bogged by sport and 
bench warm

sort of sleeping in shoes    to be contd. 

Monday, August 23, 2021

last day in ny

so bad how 
you called to say goodbye when 
I was     at the busy intersection 

how you're sorry for the mess 

clouds are lucky fish 
and the sun does shine

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

mid august 102

i respond already
of your pleasure

in the moment before total night

i make up
the bakery line of the sky

we try it on like a ring


how your handy   makes me 

when i double text   you

Thursday, August 5, 2021

hotline's edge

moods surface w walls
and cloud like ofc 

but which one
@death seconds

[themes] don't add up
to make me anything 
like sole it's slice like

your stress
while mine
is loving

the rhythm 

on hold

sleep ceaselessly
w the sun 

[dream] up 
missing rungs
rocking horse
pinging you

are painted
and smoke 

that love


so bully

so wish


Monday, July 12, 2021


wet hat first we
travel acrostic but
so down
our same shoes
the glass house
to unsee it now
for fiction I'm
dumb w music
spread out in love
around your bread
rising the pigeon 
sounds I drool to
compute beyond 
pleasure for sport
look other ways 
you say your ears
close like steel
volts/my computer
game approach to
recall-- the soft 
pound of every
water the drops
now are joke all
heart shaped 
kitty cat and

another last light
its rectangle movie
w holes/in dis
array but 
the ballet of 

the movies

I swim out past the waves 
and bob till my fingers turn yellow
looking east and then west

it never gets old
being salted and dusty
heavy roses in the wind

the thing is I am very untied now
an un-caught drift, no container

biking up hill
past the business that sells glass
how beautiful to specialize in something 
so clear and sharp

basketball cigarettes rat slap
the slick green table 
Molly the bartender

I get to my car as the clock strikes 10
I sit with the door open
one foot on the road 
looking up at the bell tower

M says

the good news is people have been 
trying to figure out what to do when summer ends 
since at least as long as I’ve been around
like maybe it doesn’t this time

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

near palm desert

can’t release the windy night
circling it
holding out
the right/wrong of 
ajar my drama 
w the door

can’t let it go/I feel like
you’re wind

May, June

I like to wear my dad’s clothes when we reunite

         this evening 

my instinct to suit up 

in 3 pieces

to delete

the word date 

in total

the way it feels beside you in the car

the classic rock of it and now 

the balloon

you being a heart

breaks like talc

x 2

Monday, June 14, 2021

checks out

I've left myself in so many ways
once the jester of affirmation
but one taste of you & 
I'm watching my
self swim in the 
pool from the 

"...whatever cute shape I created before sleep that became a trap my leg out papers on the bed/hot"


dreams of good people being

slow at their jobs/loved ones

who get memos and take 

no action, the low battery 

business/backing it up 

at the post office 

in velvet ropes 

and   further parties

zero breaks 

from the 


the job I quit before

starting I walked

through her 

front yard 

was half pool

my wet boots

a children’s caterpillar

some friendship advice

just me and my 

alphabet soup 

as the Joy

my spreadsheets for it ^

how to allocate to you

and you


in my dream this random bitch

who I assumed secretly 

hated me was really 

supportive of me 

when I expressed

how I had decided to 

experience something

a certain way/a peaceful 

montage played

throughout our phone call


next it was my birthday 

and I told yves how it was 

my birthday and how

most of the day I'd forgotten

and they held me for it

then my 2nd grade crew 

(Rasheed and Drew)

arrived on a different tail wind

our historical trio of

baby legislature rubber 

balls in the empty classroom 

chairs stacked/vague

responsibility plus

the joy of our sort 

of sanctioned game


I knew well you were in the room 

I wanted to end the party/

cap it at 1 night but 

I was with mom so

no chiseling of 


we walked through a flooded city

water at our hips, behind a row of tall

matching people the vibe was actually 

high and mom stepped playfully on a 

fire hydrant 

Friday, May 14, 2021

u shape


friday night

notions of service 

stung by your priority

your pre k energy 

puzzled by Jazz 

when it's glass 

for some reason 

a table saw

the same serious songs

for summer/i was feeling

all new nikes

a premise that can run

all hourly 

no mountains this morning

even wet, cold water

but the way it doesn’t rain

in the arms of a 180

we saw yellow icons on the horizon

various IOS representation 

their respective glitches

you kept asking if

i dreamed every

15 minutes

the sun baked sage

i walk here

the constant soft shaking

your brand of alarm

your arms/they're

long corners

Sunday, April 18, 2021

the word came first

a human being is not 
the calm at the center of the whirlpool
but the whirlpool itself
i.e. a pattern
and a pattern is a message
and I don't know what the f that means
but I do know it's poetry

Sunday, April 4, 2021


trying to allow for
the multiple versions of reality
fashion a multi-tool brain
a mobile-esque consciousness

I like to eat with dirty hands
a navel orange off the tree
juice streaking soil up my wrists
sardines on saltines

Sunday, January 17, 2021

most inside

scratch art clouds, walking 
on the earth's surface today
like a boat you said, SS
Patience (!) I'm suss of 
it (patience) you said 
you've seen it curdle

fuck reminding big
style archeology 
heart break me
better cuz this 
graceless ballet

look back at (it)
the sprinkler's 
rainbow you know 
me your cinderblock

it's January 
and next it's 
January in loops 
my private suffers 
our sestina 
our globe
miss snow
her peril and

Monday, January 11, 2021

regular poem

when midday has the vibe
of late afternoon
I know I'm in for it
I know I know 

covid and the wind
still blows

I consult my team,
smoke the crumbs 
on my table

the night takes every 
possible turn

the clouds interlock
in questions 
soothing to 
mind loss

I said I'm unhinged
you said nah half hinged
you said you never know 
if someone is feeling 
cloudy or sunny about you

tomorrow the clouds are verbs
the wet, white roses

in so many pictures
I can't tell our difference 

when the moon is right there
in the morning
the question of sleep

my dreams are 
dark daytime 
a bad theater

I'm undone because
(half done) the sun 
is doing something

you had this snack 
that was an egg 
with a fig in it 
you said should I 
eat it now or later? 
and I said now
because you're glowing 
like the egg, now

our curveball
this gentle evening 

turning myself in 
my dream there was
water and you were 
comforting me
and it was just 
enough of you 
to say so