Thursday, September 9, 2021

3 weeks

the sky looks around the moon

birds sing crazy and me 
into my hand

playing the child's guitar
green, easy 
as putting in your bag
our thing 
about kissing

cracker jack
red hook

black & mild 
flags blow

all the parks are the one
I remember 

the sun showers correct

and the blue green crop
i'm hopeless

in the bathroom between two songs between
two songs in the bathroom the way
the house works

can't sleep my boobs hurt
fuck hours and their minutes

how several is so seven
you wanted stories all the time
where its unburned
where the road opens huge earth 
grows and trucks shrink

the horizon is one big cloud
since LA kind of pink with 
feelings of when

lemon yellow trash bags

one moment in the clearing
towards language/side 
eyeing the sun it goes

I desire the cashier in my
big pants



reason as

still, wanting fractures 
mixing sex with
negative tests

still wanting to finish you