Tuesday, November 26, 2013


she yells as me to look at the moon
and I wonder if there is a dog ring

(it will always feel like a church
in my turtle neck)

and I have always been me
even on slime time
or at thanksgiving
or shabbat at st. john's

I wasn't afraid of anything

but there was a pulsing in my ears

plus tension in my elbows

something still creeping about needles

I know what it would take to be good

to be polished and flowing

but somehow knowing is enough

knowing my veins are soft is enough

Monday, November 25, 2013


I did once but grew tired of existing

My sweetheart there
was like a strange orange cat
we were both born in summer
and I feel like a spiral
there's no meat in here anymore
is summer ever actually
as orange as autumn 
or yellow as November

I wish I could remember all the things
I was hearing this weekend
sensing in the air
but I kept just nodding off on his chest
knowing it was ok
Carburetor Vivaldi. Kona my brother
my Cheshire cat 
all spiraling and spiraling
out and back out and back
with moments of great hope

I trust you
I don't know what this means
I'm getting you confused
with someone else
who I confused you with
everyone will hate me soon
for my designated role on the first 
season of This is a Family Disease
A sleepy performance 

…Imma shove it back to
  where it don’t snow
then what? HeH?
    Imma shove it back all the way
back to Thanksgiving… heh??
I think that correctional officer had an evil twin
  I don’t usually find a girl’s tractive
I look and look
 but it is no where to be found

Monday, November 18, 2013

see red


I'm tasting blood in my mouth
 O negative and O positive
New York City does

 look like 1970 today

steamed black and wet
 under red string lights
pennies to Heaven
 in the bar’s mirrored ceiling
I’m hungry but drinking
 I’m sorry but sneaking
I shouldn’t be here
 in 1970
no one should be here
 my sissy so soft
burning it down
 trickle of deep trees
black redwoods
 red red woods
but black

 thank God you went home
I know our blue angel
 was seeing red too
right before he died

we’re all looking for that
 that True Black Meat
sometimes it is
 just truly tasteless

This message contains information that may be confidential and/or privileged

Thursday, November 14, 2013

post spa frags

there is something to love about the snow this morning
how it sticks to the trees but not the street
how it is the most exciting thing 
since november began

someone here makes the bathroom and the kitchen
smell the same

"You're beautiful at this, Quin!"

what do i respect?
a vest that matches my socks

2 dollars for the coconut-water-solo-stroll
through cobble hill at midnight
like cinderelly dressed to kill
like a rat on a train
amongst many men
so she wears turtle necks
and boxing brands
but orange socks

ankles are OK
after midnight

devil water tower
like maple shade
some troubled waters
bubble towers

what if i washed my sheets in there
aqua clean

i go through phases when
washing my sheets
is very important to me

it is like what i am trying to say
is coating the archway to a room
coating the ceiling and tops of the walls
what i am thinking in my dreams
coats that archway

pre spa

how come i keep on thinking about montreal
while i write about the studiolo
about what is real and
what is numerically proportionate
and how the very special wood inlay
techniques create light and shadow
but then what about the real light
natural light
through the natural windows?
what is more real:
the darkness of the wood
or the direction of the grain
or the naturally real windows

maybe because montreal is old
and i feel older now that it is 
october again 
and the nights are getting windy
and pumpkins are around
montreal is not like israel 

el al

and the studiolo is extremely 
the oldest
jeruselem too
and my grandma too
but the studiolo

Saturday, November 2, 2013

blind country

Princess Diplomacy

a junkie couple eating Whoppers
on the train with eyelids falling heavy
rolling their eyes like the Whoppers
Choco brown
Powder pink
wearing nice jewelry
looking clean and smoothed out
like Whoppers rolled over in the mouth

St. Michael tastes metallic
maybe you just aren’t as tannic
in that certain kind of way
simplistic colors

a diner is good for seeing yourself in
there are boys who smell wrong
like an ingrown message

but November is new
necessarily so