Thursday, December 4, 2014

Quick Time Light Heart

I love when all the trucks have to stop at the scales
there is something sweet
about duty

I want to sing a certain way so bad
that I get a pain in my throat
hearing Patsy Cline

I want it to stay a little bit light
all night

white sheets
wife bowl
face wipes

how can someone's aura taste like whipped cream if they don't put it there?

No Water But Rain

zoom out

the grassy knoll
across the street
from the pool
the rose garden
the steep incline
all the different times
saying hi and bye
to all the different
people in that
halloween town

zoom in

bloated with rage
and slippery passion
I hate all the murderers
I fucking hate you
now what do I do
go home and
see it somewhere else
see it in the snow


the shroom shrubs
where dogs poop
white out tags
christmas flags