Sunday, October 27, 2013

a world a glimmer or a flower

Falling back on me
Facing backwards on the train
With the College short skirt high shoes
Closing my eyes and
The word carburetor is the perfect word 
Like a Warm carburetor
Falling asleep on a cold car ride
Carburetor fills me to think about

Maybe it's fucked up but it's how I feel

Someone stole his scaffolding 
at one of his garages
He couldn't find it 
Sam is using all intuitions 
Haha Yeah buddy It's all about 
intuitions am I right
Coors light? Haha Coors light?
Bottles and cans ya dick
Haha way to go buddy

Sometimes I wonder 
What it takes to be a frond
Are you really my frind
Blue tiles and white 
All Buy my self 
in this magic moment
a Dark Leaves feeling 
Black cat spring
sesame oil sister
It's getting colder 
I'm calling you
Warm my blood and 
green my eyes  

I can't not sleep on the train
it sounded like she was saying
They sent me a men's fragrance or
They Franced me a red segment
or This miss for five bucks 
I miss you

Thursday, October 24, 2013

are you kidding me

met today

in the morning my left eye is foggy
like the left windowpane 
frosted wet by the heat and the night
there is still a good view
on the right side

i am a fan of doing the same thing again and again
when there is a view
it is the same as doing a new a thing

i plan on being outside a lot

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

all the boys’ dark rooms
I’ve been in love with
I’m sleeping on those 
like smoke
lay in thick layers

catty corner kitchen
low bed on faux
fake cobblestone
red wax and red wine
faux French fun
one born deleuze
learning me things
with the speakers
up so so loud and
the Florida water
on his coffee cream
dark dark curl
    That’s natural

me and my sister
remember remember
there are so many dark boys
and their rooms that we love
to be in 
   so like 

the albino eyelashes
all hologram green
and basketball orange
bathed in translucence
he’s sleeping I’m seeing
sugar-cane stalks
so soft and light
one giant hundo
the rug made of money
the leaves outside
make him wish it existed
    butter and pink


A Woman's Hundred Years

   Green, green riverside grass,
    Lush, lush willow in the garden,
    Sleek, sleek a girl upstairs,
    White, white faces her window,
    Fair, fair her rouge and powder

I'll probably never 
make it to 
the brief history

I'm padding out
bedroom shoe

        As a punishment for 
        her attempted murders,
        a pair of glowing-hot 
        iron shoes are brought
        forth with tongs and 
        placed before the Queen.
        She is forced to step into 
        the burning shoes and 
        to dance until she drops 

Monday, October 21, 2013

it’s true we’re already so soft

so be sharp and love
 it’s so hard to be sharp
leaves in Le Tourbillon
 La fall leaves all round
smoking leaves that linger
 warm angel couture
cigarette ettes
 a couture for sharp loving
that leaves my ring finger
 a big glimmering in it~~
a baseball diamond
 gravel is pervasive and
the rough is dusted
 that moon is so catchy
last night

last night 
I spent a long long time
looking for the Anne Frank Restaurant

Sunday, October 20, 2013


               that maybe*
            ,*’you’re liking,.*thin
                ,.* eyebrows
                gloss polished ,*’
           ,.*edges of artificial
           hems in all,.*
               serious a,*’cinched
               ,*’waist and hot iron
                pouting ,.*
           ,*’makes me
                feel very
              very ,*’sick
                 ,*’though it probably

Saturday, October 19, 2013

little green

I like picturing you out there
it’s funny and sweet
I just like picturing it

what best do I deserve
the cowboy in my cup
my tiny black cat

when your voice
sounds muted even though
it’s happening in your
own skull

Friday, October 18, 2013

"the entire the point is that it’s personal."

who is cute little
missing my man and knowing no thing
never share his dark side
only ask about mine

dream of looking at photos of us
freckled with stiff hair on a stone bench
two scarecrows your face the freckles
becoming holes like a hockey mask
but your glow like
still eyes, rose cheeks, wax
blurring out like I tried to paint your face
but it was too small in gray oils

I walked up a stoop into an apartment building
and the woman out front with her dog 
picked up her dog and turned away from me 
to hide the fact that her dog
had no head just a graying stump

leave it a mystery
the photos of us were on an iPad

Thursday, October 17, 2013


whoever is upstairs
fucking their furniture
don’t fall on me

I’m weaker because I’m exposed
I need to pee and can’t think about anything
but everything
walking around always like needing to pee
jittering with the feeling how
I’m still in love with life
I’m still in love for you babe

is this the activity
it comes naturally but where is the hands
is this the activity
implied in aprons and plaster
my teacher, my 
Art Angel Master 

the anti-climax of it all

and the well dressed parents
listening flat as I feel 
    just then

My 21 Sister

All Dave’s Attention

am I spa on right now
just wet and dry
swimming next to the pool again

Why you sound like that?
I’m sitting on the train waiting for it to leave
I’m.. I’m drinking orange soda

between the 26th and 27th there is a seed

I’m drinking orange soda
all my birthdays and boyfriends
coming at the same time

That’s how Grandpa walks to bed
What grandpa?
All Grandpa