Wednesday, September 25, 2019

pickles and rice

at a big nature place
rainwater big trees
caught in weather

somewhere I'd been

a bathtub located
near the common

watched a sort of

a worried,
glowing face
in the tub

she said
she was nominated
and then forgotten

came to somber
but soft

with rich brain like

Saturday, September 14, 2019


going to sleep
elevated against
wide open window
in cool shape of moonlight

woke up feeling this way

woke up and it's beautiful
a headache
music still
moonlight still

could someone else feel this
this triangular spiral of gratitude 
the room where you walk 
a while to the bed

defining feelings:
cut on pinky

late-night dinner with a friend
getting stoned in another city
the night as a character 
like the bedframe is doing my hair
in a low bun
that's how integrated 
that's how crossfaded

I contemplate the tap water
she says he'll torture me
my skin does
baking soda and 
castor oil
healing clay

in the day I stick my feet out
the same window
into the BLUE sky