Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

9 cloud 9s

the snow makes 
the city into a
house where you 
kick things and it's  
kind but also cruel 
you lay down to make
an angel in a spot
that will be grease
black slush tomorrow 
and buddha watches 
through the gate
over the storefront
translucent purple 
and green trash 
bags standing 
dusted with sugar 
and harmless like 
stuffed props or 
plants in the snow 
so beautiful but not 
to enjoy right now 
because tonight is 
like a gut

want buddha's glowing 
cheeks in our soul

i'm looking at all the
things you've given
me over the years

it is like shining 
oil spill porcelain years
and years

like nine cloud nines


Monday, January 28, 2013

bright gray sunday Frag

"you can come in if you want"

she said to me smiling in the bright white sunday morning sun outside the church which is next door to our house which has the same gray stucco as our house
which has flickering windows at night flickering to a quiet alarm deep inside deep in the middle of somewhere deep inside in the middle of the gray
such sweet smiling
she looked freshly born in black and perfectly groomed to shine in the sunday white like a healthy morning ball rolling gliding into the gleaming gallery of god

and the bright white
was this healthy way 
to remember me

the rosebuds are everywhere rosebuds love the church and rosebuds love me too which is subtly stunning every five seconds it is brighter and whiter but farther
"still waters run deep" 
she said to me doing something still and "a crazy wave is a crazy wave" 
he said to me still doing something and I got grayer

the holy morning ball kept rolling me out and up and this buzz was down and my ankles were being eaten aloud by remote controlling boys and all i could do was point

i could hardly hear my soul through the phone

Sunday, January 27, 2013


they sit parallel
and swivel their necks
for kisses one at a time
like charging a cell phone
i think about self similarity
and how 52 hours turned 2
the chillest smoothest ride

angel food, white chocolate-- 
sleep in my lap

in the ice chest
empty trees make veins
extending from this 
dome of school
mute student 
body breathing
wild horses wild life 
ride it on, baby